You’re an entrepreneur with an idea for an innovative web or mobile app.

You want to get to market quickly and have confidence your budget is being spent wisely

You’re excited to get going on your new venture and want to get ahead of the competition by launching quickly, testing it on your customers and building confidence that your idea is worth pursuing.

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You want to work with a team that will help you accelerate your growth

You’re ready for the growth stage. You need strategic and technical help to identify new user needs, ways in which your product can meet them and a team capable of adapting your product whilst measuring performance.

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We can help, here’s how.

Lean strategy

Getting your Minimum Viable Product to market in two months or less

By identifying what you want to learn with your MVP and the leanest route to delivering it, we’ll be able to test your product to make sure it delivers the anticipated value whilst minimising how much you spend.

We’ll map the user journeys we believe will deliver the anticipated value, allocating a budget for your MVP to serve as a constraint to ruthlessly prioritise what’s needed. With the MVP built, we’ll then be able to test if we’ve delivered the value, gather feedback and determine what to do next.

You'll hear us talk about

  • Value hypotheses
  • Growth hypotheses
  • MVP
  • Lean
  • Story mapping
  • Early adopters
  • S.M.A.R.T experiments
  • User research
  • Risk mapping
  • Research & Development
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Built for agility

Software that’s easy to adapt as you learn

Your MVP, and every subsequent iteration, serves as an opportunity to learn. You may uncover new user needs or realise that your existing solution isn’t quite meeting the needs it was intended to. Either way, what’s been built will need changing to accommodate what you’ve learnt. And that’s why it’s important to apply certain technical practices for developing software to the highest possible standards: so we can confidently and rapidly adapt the software as you learn.

You'll hear us talk about

  • Continuous integration
  • Test Driven Development
  • Behavior Driven Development
  • Agile
  • Kanban
  • MVP
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Learn and grow

Converting insights from feedback into an actionable growth strategy

An MVP is an important milestone but is only ever intended as a stepping stone: an engine for learning. Then it’s all about using what you’ve learnt, unlocking new opportunities to accelerate your growth.

We’ll help interpret feedback to determine new user needs, build the capabilities we think will meet them and define the metrics to measure them against. We’ll continue to iterate, exploring the growth opportunities each step of the way.

You'll hear us talk about

  • User research
  • Innovation accounting
  • Continuous improvement
  • Build measure learn
  • Support
  • Service Level Agreement
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Flying the nest

Continuing the progress we’ve made together

As you grow they'll come a time when you’ll want to take responsibility for the continued evolution of your software. We’ll help you to hire your own team, sharing knowledge with them by pair programming and co-writing living documentation that provides information that’s current, accurate and easy to understand. We won’t just disappear though, we can continue to fill any gaps in your team’s skill set as they get up to speed and provide ongoing consultancy, acting as interim CTO as needed.

You'll hear us talk about

  • Pair programming
  • Interim CTO
  • Behavior driven development
  • Handover
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