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Pubal.app SaaS platform

Solving property management problems

Could we improve the efficiency of property managers by centralising all their property information into an online platform?

Property managers can struggle to effectively manage their properties because they can’t keep track of planning, maintenance and financial information; documents are often scattered in various different locations and in inconsistent formats, often as hard copies.

Our wave

We created Pubal.app, a SaaS platform for property managers to keep information related to a property in one centralised place, enabling them to easily manage, view, analyse and share property information.

Learn and grow

We began by creating an MVP for a small customer segment who were willing to participate as early adopters. As we learnt about their problems and how we could solve them, we began to understand more about problems which were ubiquitous to a larger number of property managers. At this point we developed a lean multi-tenant implementation on top of the first version allowing us to quickly test the viability of its existing features with new customers.

Our impact

The SaaS platform was launched in early 2019 and is now enabling several businesses to make faster decisions regarding planning, improvements and maintenance as well as providing a secure and centralised place for financial, legal and other important documentation.

3 Monthsfrom MVP to SaaS platform

We Make Waves have done a great job understanding and getting to the bottom of the requirements for our web application. We have been guided throughout the process and thanks to We Make Waves’s experience we were able to stay focused and prioritise the core user needs.

Photo of Andreas MeissnerAndreas MeissnerManaging Director, Pubal Consult

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