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Vote for Policies

Empowering voters

Could we help voters make an informed decision about who to vote for and increase voter turnout in the General Election?

Cometh the General Election, cometh the party manifesto. And yet for most people, trawling through these documents, reviewing and comparing party policies is time consuming and unappealing. There’s no easy way for people to compare every party’s policies in one place and so voting decisions often don’t go beyond our own prejudices.

Our wave

We created a service allowing users to compare policies on a range of key issues (such as education, health or economy) without knowing which party they belong to. At the end of the process, users are presented with an overview of the policies they selected and which party they belong to.

Our impact

Vote for Policies is the only service that enables you to compare the actual policies of each party, helping you to make an informed, unbiased decision purely on manifesto pledges.

A tweet from Richard Branson (@richardbranson): Love @voteforpolicies @bitetheballot – simple way to get better informed about General Election
A tweet from Alex Craven (@AlexCraven): I think the @voteforpolicies website is one of the best things ever built, find out who you should really be voting 4
35%of the public agree they are more likely to vote in the general election as a result of using Vote for Policies.
1.4Mcompleted surveys

Flying the nest

We created the initial version of the product for the 2015 General Election but the product was designed for ongoing elections, one of which came about rather sooner than anticipated in 2017. When it was time to hand over the mantle, we spent time with the new team to help them understand the suite of tests which served as ‘living documentation’, pair-programming to help familiarise them with the underlying code and offered ongoing support until they could independently develop the product.

We Make Waves have done a fantastic job. Their ideas and expertise have delivered an excellent user experience across mobile and desktop, with the scalability necessary to handle the huge spikes in traffic that we receive as the election approaches. They're a great team, dedicated to their craft and a pleasure to work with.

Matt Chocqueel-ManganFounder of Vote for Policies

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