Most software endeavours fail to reach their full potential. It doesn't have to be this way.

Failure rates in our industry are surprisingly high. 86% of IT projects either partially or completely fail1 and a whopping 9 out of 10 startups bite the dust2.

Our technology partnership is a proven approach to successful web and mobile application development, ensuring we solve the right problems for the right people, creating software that’s easy to adapt, whilst not blowing budgets.

Why make ripples when we can make waves
  • Lean strategy

    Let's work together to:

    • Outline what you need to be successful and what may get in your way.
    • Ensure your idea is viable and uncover new opportunities through user research.
    • Maximise your budget by identifying the core value of your product and the shortest path to delivering it.
    • Continuously improve your product by getting it into the hands of real users quick and often.
  • Design

    Here's how you'll get a stunning user experience:

    • Journey maps to visualise how your users achieve their goals within the product.
    • Collaborative sketching workshops to generate better ideas, faster.
    • Testing prototypes with your users to validate ideas at the earliest stage.
  • Development

    We develop to the highest quality, expect the following:

    • Choosing technologies that complement your product and its future needs.
    • Continuous integration to rapidly deliver product features to your users.
    • BDD & TDD techniques to ensure quality and minimise the cost of change.

Our wave riders.

The startup entrepreneur: Limpid Markets

Groundbreaking fintech

Launched in 6 months and now in banks worldwide

The startup entrepreneur: EMITTO

COVID-19 screening

Keeping the workplace safe during a global pandemic

The forward thinking organisation:

Solving property management problems

Using validated learning to scale from MVP to SaaS platform

The ethical entrepreneur: Vote for Policies

Empowering voters

Vote for policies not personalities

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The Riptide. Insights against the flow.

Illustration of software development truths being put under the microscope
You heard it here first

Survive and thrive. Our guide to successful product development.

Failure rates in our industry are surprisingly high. Around 50% of all IT projects fail, 9 out of 10 startups bite the dust and a whopping 95% of ‘Digital Transformation’ initiatives are doomed. The good news is there are ways to increase your chances of success that we want to share with you.


You’re going remote? Tool up!

Working remotely has posed challenges to how we work, but also created opportunities to be more effective. Here we share how the tools we use maximise the benefits of working remotely.

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