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Using our expertise as a force for good

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Billions are spent on technology every year but only a small fraction is used to tackle the social and environmental challenges we face. We're no longer prepared to stand by and watch as underinvestment leads to many important needs going unmet.

Let's work together…

If you have an idea for a digital product that will have a positive impact on the environment or society:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Healthcare & wellbeing
  • Gender, ethnic, and socio-economic representation
  • Social responsibility
  • Privacy
  • Charity / non-profit

Giving ethical tech a helping hand

  • Maximise your budget

    Identify the core value in your proposition and the critical path to deliver it.

  • Understand user needs

    Take action on insights from user interviews and usability testing.

  • Measure your impact

    Make decisions based on the evidence from experiments we run on your assumptions.

Ethical Tech Alliance preferred developer badge

To accelerate growth in ethical tech, we're offering reduced rates for projects with the ambition to use technology to tackle social and environmental challenges. We also have access to some grant funding via our partnership with the Ethical Tech Alliance.

Ethical Tech Alliance preferred developer badge

We're a preferred development partner of the Ethical Tech Alliance

The purpose of the Ethical Tech Alliance is to champion ethical tech by reducing barriers to getting ethical tech built

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The impact we're having

In progress


Helping people understand their Covid-19 exposure risk whilst keeping their data private



Reducing the number of cases of preventable mortality and damage to newborns

In progress


Improving access to online healthcare education for 3 million healthcare professionals

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