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Illustration of Concept2 rowing machine
British Rowing: RowActiv

Shaking up indoor rowing

How can we increase engagement with indoor rowing machines in gyms?

British Rowing, the governing body for all forms of rowing in the UK, chose us as their technology partner for a key indoor rowing initiative to increase participation in their sport.

Our wave

We created a product for indoor rowing machines within gyms, helping gym goers get more from their indoor rowing experience by delivering tailored workouts to target personal goals such as weight management, strength and conditioning and general fitness.

Our impact

During the 12 week pilot in Putney, we saw an increase in the number of workouts per week of 78% and an increase in engagement levels with average workout duration changing from 5 minutes in the first week to 8 minutes in the last.

With these positive results, we’ve been working with British Rowing to put the business case together, in order to raise funding to launch a commercial product on a wider scale.

  • “Makes you work harder. More interesting”
  • “Keeps you more focussed”
  • “Looking at the screen makes you forget how tired you are!”
+36%completed workouts

We Make Waves helped us run the project in such a way that it has the highest chances of success - putting the customer first, making sure we spend as little as possible to get the product in front of people and taking our insights back into product development.

Claire CannRowActiv Project Manager

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