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Apple global security - travel safety briefing tool

Apple travel safety briefings

Creating a more effective way to send safety briefings to employees in time for the mothballing of a critical third party service.

When Apple employees travel abroad, they are sent a safety briefing prior to travel. Up until now this has been provided by a third party supplier, International SOS. But the content of the briefings wasn’t meeting Apple’s need to provide safety information relevant to their organisation and the decision was made to mothball the third party service and develop a more effective solution.

Our wave

We created a digital product for the Apple Crisis Management team to curate bespoke travel briefings, enabling them to customise and update the advice employees receive when travelling abroad and to provide timely updates when travelling to countries where the risks are heightened due to events such as natural disasters or political upheaval.

Our impact

The product was successfully rolled out in July and August which led to the mothballing of the International SOS service; saving Apple hundreds of thousands of pounds. Employees now receive safety briefings which provide relevant information and are tailored to their needs, keeping them safe when travelling for business.

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